Crimes Against Humanity

Fleet Inquisitor Andrej Koscuisko finds himself out of the frying pan and into the fire: “Rescued” from Gonebeyond to be offered up to the head of a devious crime syndicate.

Gonebeyond space: freedom from torture and genocide under Jurisdiction, but go there at your own risk – because the rule of Law has no place there, and undefended settlements can be exploited with impunity.

Until now. The Langsariks’ Hilton Shires is determined to bring order to Gonebeyond. He’s forged a coalition to bring the worst of the criminals—slavers—to justice, but the criminal cartels that have profited from the freedom of Gonebeyond for so long can’t have that. Taking away one of Gonebeyond’s most valuable resources would send a warning to the Langsarik Coalition—but where can they find an assassin to “disappear” the renegade Fleet Inquisitor Andrej Koscuisko?

Enter his Excellency Danyo Pefisct. Years ago he honed his torturer’s craft against the Emandisan bond-involuntary Security slave Joslire Curran. Now he’s come to Gonebeyond to enslave Andrej Koscuisko himself for the personal pleasure of the head of one of Jurisdiction’s most powerful crime syndicates, and for all the protection Chief Stildyne and his “wolf pack” can provide there are only two people who can really stand in Danyo’s way—a man from Stildyne’s past with every reason to hate him; and a once-friend from Andrej’s student days who never liked him very much anyway . . .