Fleet Insurgent

Collected for the first time, here is the complete Under Jurisdiction body of work falling outside of the Jurisdiction novels:  long out-of-print short stories fleshing out details of the personal histories of favorite characters, including Joslire Curran and Security Chief Stildyne; substantial novellas—two published here for the first time ever—covering critical events in the life of the series, such as the devil’s bargain between Andrej Koscuisko and Captain Lowden on the Ragnarok; and many more novelettes, stories, and vignettes from The Life and Hard Times of “Uncle” Andrej Koscuisko, who is Not a Nice Man.


Introduction:  Reading Between the Lines
Stoshi Elects the Malcontent (vignette)
Proving Cruise (novella)
Insubordination (short story)
Prisoner of Conscience Ghost Epilogue (short story)
Jurisdiction (novella)
An Incident:  Port Bucane Layover (originally published with the novella “Jurisdiction”)
Quid Pro Quo (novella)
Pizza and Beer Theater!  with your host, Cousin Stanoczk (novelette)
Intimacies (short story)
Night Breezes (short story)
Labyrinth (short story)
Stalking Horse (novella)
In Jurisdiction universe, not part of Koscuisko time-line:
Society’s Stepchild (novelette)
Thumping the Weaver (short story)

Taken all together this material “fills in the cracks” with respect to some important incidents over the span of the story, as well as addressing some character development issues that wouldn’t/didn’t fit in the novels.  It’s a monster, I’m telling you!  And I hope you enjoy it.