Fleet Renegade

This is the second of three omnibus editions from Baen Books, and contains the second three “Under Jurisdiction” novels in series-chronological order:  “Hour of Judgement,” “The Devil and Deep Space,” and “Warring States.”

“Fleet Inquisitor,” published in October of 2016, contained the novels “An Exchange of Hostages,” “Prisoner of Conscience,” and “Angel of Destruction.”  “Fleet Renegade”  contains the balance of the novels leading up to “Blood Enemies,” the seventh novel Under Jurisdiction.

Fun fact:  The publication of “Blood Enemies” comes twenty years after that of my debut novel, “An Exchange of Hostages.”

“Blood Enemies” will be followed in turn by a third Baen omnibus, “Fleet Insurgent,” containing out-of-print “Under Jurisdiction” short stories from my backlist as well as unpublished novellas and other material (scheduled for release in December, 2017).