Prisoner of Conscience

He wanted to be a doctor, but his family sent him to Fleet to serve as Ship’s Surgeon – Ship’s Inquisitor.  And he’d always thought he was a decent man until he learned such things about himself in the course of his indoctrination that only his fierce determination to hold to justice wherever he could find it has preserved his sanity:  his determination, and a peculiar partnership with a bond-involuntary Security slave, a man condemned by the Bench to serve a torturer on pain of horrific punishment.

And things have gone horribly, horribly wrong in port Rudistal, where a defeated people have been consigned to the authority of their ancestral enemy to suffer and work and die like cattle.

But Joslire Curran is dead.

Bereft of his friend, drunk on absolute license to work his will on prisoner after prisoner, will Andrej realize what horrors are contained within the walls of the Domitt Prison, and can he bring the truth to light before his enemies silence him forever?


"Matthews has the ability to translate the ugliness of human society into highly readable prose. One of the most original and enjoyable works to be found in the genre in quite a while."


"Like the first book, this is dark, delicious, edgy and disturbing. Go for it."

—Barnes and Noble