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New Contract from Baen Books

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I have a lovely, juicy new contract with Baen Books for the publication of =Blood Enemies,= the seventh Jurisdiction novel.

The six Jurisdiction novels in my backlist will be published in two omnibus print editions, to support the new print novel. Baen published my Jurisdiction backlist in e-book format year before last.

My grateful appreciation to Baen Books for their investment in my books, and to my agent Jenn Jackson for never losing sight of the strategy (grin).

More details as they become available!


E-books now available from Baen Books!

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The six Jurisdiction novels are now available from Baen Books:

Individual titles are also available from Baen Books (for multiple platforms).  The Kindle editions are available from; the Nook editions are available from Barnes and Noble (

Individual “buy” links are on the individual novel pages; buy early!  buy often!  (grin)




Contract Signed for E-Books from Baen

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Baen Books and I have signed a contract for the release of the six existing Jurisdiction novels as e-books.

We’ve actually been working on the project since November, but I never feel it’s real until I get the check (grin) so I’ve been doing my best not to talk too loudly about it.

I’ll publish information on release/publication dates as I get it, but for now — woohoo!  ::throwing virtual confetti::

Web Page Updates

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I’ve added a file called “Jurisdiction Pronunciation Guide” to the Reference Cube.  It’s a copy of the document I prepared for for their audio book editions of my Jurisdiction novels; it’s a raw alpha sort (I’m sorry) but in time I hope to offer a search function.  — And I can’t recommend Stefan Rudnicki’s narration of the novels too highly, they’re absolutely lovely (in my admittedly prejudiced opinion). has very generously provided links to the first chapters of the audio books so you can listen if you like, and tell me if I’m wrong (grin).  You’ll find them on the novels pages under “Jurisdiction” on the Novels tab.

Nib Trimmings

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I’ve added a new page to the Reference Cube to discuss a technical issue related to the novella-in-progress.  Watch this space!

Live from the Jurisdiction Fleet Ship Ragnarok!

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My new website

It’s new, it’s improved, it’s stronger than dirt.

It’s been completely reorganized, to make it easier for you to find content you’re interested in.  Among the new features you’ll find the first chapters of the six Jurisdiction novels from those nice people at, so you have a chance to hear for yourself how effective Stefan Rudnicki’s narration is.  There are first (print) chapters for each of those books; some additional content I dredged up reviewing previous drafts of things; the novella Quid Pro Quo; and a character library.

I’ll be posting my current work-in-progress (a novella from the early months on Scylla) when it’s ready for public viewing.

Go ahead!  Click on a link!  Hear for yourself!  (grin)