Omnibus “Fleet Inquisitor” release 10-04-16

My exciting news is that I got advance copies of the first omnibus edition of the Koscuisko  “Under Jurisdiction” novels from Baen Books, and I think it’s beautiful.

This first omnibus contains “An Exchange of Hostages,” “Prisoner of Conscience,” and “Angel of Destruction,” and is titled “Fleet Inquisitor” (but you guessed that from the title already!).  It will also be available as an ebook from Baen ebooks.

The second omnibus, to be released in February I think, is titled “Fleet Renegade,” and will contain “Hour of Judgment,” “The Devil and Deep Space,” and “Warring States.”

Then  . . . oh, then oh then!  The seventh novel in the series, the completion of the story of The Life and Hard Times of “Uncle” Andrej Koscuisko who is Not a Nice Man, will be published in the spring.  There’ll be an audio book from and an ebook from Baen ebooks.

You’re going to love the covers.

I’ll be updating my website to display the beautiful covers and the “buy” links.  In the mean time, you can pre-order Fleet Inquisitor in electronic or print formats from Baen at  (or, of course, the usual etailers).

It’s beautiful.  And I’m thrilled beyond measure to have these novels back in print once more.



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  1. Josh Berkus

    I am so happy that the seventh book will finally be published. I’ve been waiting for 10 years. Not as happy as you are, though, I bet. Time to start rereading the rest.

    1. Susan Matthews Post author

      Bless your heart, Josh! I just KNOW you’ll be really . . . um . . . maybe “happy” isn’t exactly the right word . . . (grin) with “Blood Enemies.” My spies at bookstores indicate that the tentative release date is April, 2017, which is a lot of fun for me, because that’s twenty years after the publication of “An Exchange of Hostages.” There’s a lot of good stuff in “Blood Enemies” . . . which I am dying to be able to discuss — once it’s been published!

      In the mean time, there’ll be Omnibus Two (Hour of Judgment, The Devil and Deep Space, and Warring States) leading up to “Blood Enemies.” And there’s a third omnibus in work, this one to reprint all of the short story material that I ever wrote and that has been out of print for years (to be honest, there isn’t a lot of that) that will include some novellas which I hope will be juicy. Two of them are published on the web site here (go to “Library” to find them). Two of them aren’t!

      Thank you for your note!



        1. Susan Matthews Post author

          “Fleet Renegade” is due for release (!) in February 2017. (It’s SO good to have spies that work in bookstores!!)

  2. Jeffrey Greenly

    So glad to see an omnibus eBook version! I spend a lot of time out and about, in places no one else but me and my ilk go, and carry a library of my favorite books in my pocket. I’m so pleased to hear that I can add the Jurisdiction novels to that collection.

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