Readercon here I come!

Tomorrow afternoon (June 12th) I’ll be checking in to the Readercon hotel (Boston Marriott in Quincy, Mass) for a happy weekend of conventioning.  It’s been some time since I attended a Readercon, but they were really really nice to me way back when, and I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s what’s up:  Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. I’ll be participating in the Broad Universe rapid-fire reading, followed immediately at 9:00 p.m. by a panel on “Our Human Limits” (I’m moderating).

Friday evening at 5:00 p.m. I’m leading the panel discussion on “The Global Roots of Speculative Literature,” where we’ll get to talk about some of the world’s oldest and greatest narrative traditions outside the Western European tradition.  Since I love The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Chinese) and the massive Mahabharata (India) I can’t wait.

On Saturday, I’ll be signing autographs (and giving away fountain pens) at 11:00 a.m.  I’ve got “Settlement Strategies:  Adjust, Adapt, or Mutate” at 10:00 a.m. and “Embracing Artistic Risk” at 1:00 p.m.  In “Embracing Artistic Risk” in particular I’ll be talking about the choices a person takes in writing about someone like Andrej Koscuisko and that line between “Okay, do we all clearly understand the nature of this man’s work?” and goobly-glub nastiness simply for the sake being horrific.

And I’ll otherwise be all over Readercon’s events (grin).  Maybe see some familiar faces there!



LibertyCon This Weekend!

Tomorrow I fly out for Chattanooga, Tennessee, to participate in LibertyCon.  Woohoo!

My schedule includes a signing on Friday evening at 7:00, reading on Friday evening at 9:00, the Baen Traveling Sideshow at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, and a kaffeeklatsch on Sunday morning at 10:00.

On Saturday night at 10:00 I’ll be doing my one-woman show (grin) titled “Twenty Years Under Jurisdiction:  The Life and Hard Times of “Uncle” Andrej Koscuisko, who is Not a Nice Man.”  It’s a retrospective look at the evolution of the series from inception, to its debut in print in 1996, till now; with maybe some words on going forward.  Also, there will be fountain pens.  And gossip.

If you’re at the convention it would be lovely too see you!

(I regret the fact that I’ll have to leave the kaffeeklatsch early to catch my shuttle-bus to Nashville for my trip home Sunday.  I’ll talk that much faster.  Coffee should help, there.)

Convention activity 2017

I have a full slate scheduled between now and the end of the year; I’m celebrating the release of “Blood Enemies” with everything I’ve got.  I made separate posts for each convention, and I think I got them stacked in chronological order.  Here’s a summary:

ConQuest in Kansas City, KS May 26 – 28 (I’m coming in Thursday evening)

LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN June 30 – July 2 (I’m coming in late Thursday afternoon)

ReaderCon in Quincy, Mass July 13 – 16 (I’m coming in Wednesday.  Ha ha!  You were expecting Thursday, weren’t you?  Okay, this convention starts earlier in the week.)

Bubonicon in Albuquerque, NM August 25 – 27, and I’m coming in on Thursday but it’ll be way laterish, but I’m staying over till Monday, so, hey, dinner on Sunday evening, anybody?

Orycon in Portland, OR November 17 – 19, and I’m coming in on Thursday afternoon.

. . . and that’s it for this year!  Come and see me and we can have a cup of coffee!  Or tea!  Or rhyti, but not if anybody’s driving, because in its =original= form, that was kind of a unique formulation of black tea, rye whiskey, anise seed, and sugar.  Just don’t quote me.  The rhyti Andrej Koscuisko drinks hasn’t got any rye whiskey in it.

Hope to see you (all) at (one of the) there(s),


Attending Convention: ConQuest in Kansas City

. . . three weeks from now!  Eeeeeeeee!

I remember ConQuest from ten years ago, probably about the last convention I was able to attend outside of driving distance before things started getting really complicated on the home front (elder-care requirements).  I had a great time.  And there was barbecue.  I’m looking forward to that, too.

ConQuest is coming up over Memorial Day weekend, May 26 – 28.  Baen’s sent postcards and bookmarks and a =beautiful= poster of the cover of “Blood Enemies” (showing also the covers for omnibus “Fleet Inquisitor” and omnibus “Fleet Renegade”).  I get to hang out with some fellow Baen writers like Bryan Thomas Schmidt — and maybe you!

Here’s their web site:


Attending Convention: LibertyCon

This one is a new one for me.  It’s been nearly fourty years since I was in Tennessee last, and I’ve never been to Chattanooga.  It’ll be end-June, June 30 through July 2nd, but I’ll be coming in on Thursday the 29th . . . which’ll be here before I turn around, the way things are going around here.

It’s sold out at this time, I understand, but I’m totally up for meeting people for a glass of iced tea in and around the convention space if (a) you’re in the area and (b) hadn’t planned on necessarily attending the convention per se.  If they have day memberships, I’m having a kaffeeklatch on Sunday, I love those things.

I’m looking forward to it.  Here’s the convention’s web site:

Attending convention: Readercon

I’m just delighted to be attending Readercon again this year, after having been away for quite some time.  It’ll be in Quincy Mass in mid-July (July 13 through 16).

(I’ll remind you later . . . hee hee . . . )

Here is the Readercon web site:

Attending convention: Orycon

Orycon in Portland, OR is one of my very favorite conventions, beautiful city, really mellow vibe, and I see a lot of friends there.  It’s mid-November, and this year the dates are November 17 – 19th.  I’ll remind you again later (grin).

Here’s their web page:

Book Launch event at the UW Bookstore — April 6th

I’ll be coming to the University Bookstore in Seattle on Thursday, April 6th; I’ll be there at 7:00 to read from my new Jurisdiction novel “Blood Enemies.”  There’ll be postcards, and bookmarks, and a somewhat hyper author (that’s me) just brimming over with excitement and delight, because I’ve been looking forward to this event for So Long.

The University Bookstore is on the “Ave” in Seattle’s University District.  (There must be, er, a university somewhere near?)  Come early and visit the famous cherry trees in the Quad on campus!  Or, don’t come early, but do please come.

7:00 p.m. Thursday, April 6th!  Book reading!  Book signing!  Ecstatic author bouncing off the walls!

I hope to see you there!