Convention activity 2017

I have a full slate scheduled between now and the end of the year; I’m celebrating the release of “Blood Enemies” with everything I’ve got.  I made separate posts for each convention, and I think I got them stacked in chronological order.  Here’s a summary:

ConQuest in Kansas City, KS May 26 – 28 (I’m coming in Thursday evening)

LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN June 30 – July 2 (I’m coming in late Thursday afternoon)

ReaderCon in Quincy, Mass July 13 – 16 (I’m coming in Wednesday.  Ha ha!  You were expecting Thursday, weren’t you?  Okay, this convention starts earlier in the week.)

Bubonicon in Albuquerque, NM August 25 – 27, and I’m coming in on Thursday but it’ll be way laterish, but I’m staying over till Monday, so, hey, dinner on Sunday evening, anybody?

Orycon in Portland, OR November 17 – 19, and I’m coming in on Thursday afternoon.

. . . and that’s it for this year!  Come and see me and we can have a cup of coffee!  Or tea!  Or rhyti, but not if anybody’s driving, because in its =original= form, that was kind of a unique formulation of black tea, rye whiskey, anise seed, and sugar.  Just don’t quote me.  The rhyti Andrej Koscuisko drinks hasn’t got any rye whiskey in it.

Hope to see you (all) at (one of the) there(s),


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