Twenty Years Under Jurisdiction

I’ve updated this site to include my forthcoming new novel “Blood Enemies” as well as the new (print) omnibus editions of the novels “Under Jurisdiction.”  You can find them under Novels -> Jurisdiction Series -> Omnibuses.

Omnibus #1 contains “An Exchange of Hostages,” “Prisoner of Conscience,” and “Angel of Destruction,” with a Thoughtful New Introduction.  It is on the shelves and ready for purchase now.  You can go to Baen to listen to a two-part podcast interview on the Baen site re:  “Fleet Inquisitor” that was a ton of fun to do.

Omnibus #2 (“Hour of Judgement,” “The Devil and Deep Space,” and “Warring States”) is  scheduled for publication in February of 2017, with the new novel “Blood Enemies” to follow in April, 2017.  Go look at the gorgeous cover of “Blood Enemies” (go to Novels -> Jurisdiction Series -> Novels).  I’ll wait.  (upload Jeopardy music)

This is a pretty big deal for me.  Not only is this a genuinely pivotal novel (from my point of view) in terms of the action of the novel and the lives of the characters, but it also represents an important anniversary for me:  In April, 2017, it will be exactly twenty years since the publication of my debut novel, “An Exchange of Hostages.”

The novels “Under Jurisdiction,” by me.  The life and hard times of “Uncle” Andrej Koscuisko, who is Not a Nice Man.  Or, alternatively, Andrej Koscuisko:  P*ssing People Off for Twenty Years Now.

I never thought I’d see the day.  Thanks for reading.