News from Susan . . . New Series! Minicon 55!

Hello Beloveds,

Gosh, 2020.  How did that happen??!!

Okay.  I’ll be going to Minicon 55, and hope to see you there.  (I’m looking at YOU, Bill Thomasson.)

I’m also attending the Rainforest Writers Retreat this weekend.  It’s a =sort= of a local thing, there are usually less than 40 people total, so, I’m just telling you (grin).  It’s at Lake Quinault in Quinault, WA, and the limit on attendees is a function of the fact that the resort just plain doesn’t have much room.  Yes, it’s hard to get in, but there’s a FREE “sponsored writer” membership available with a cash stipend attached, and the “wait list” has NEVER not been fully worked off before the retreat happens (they’re up to three sessions, now).  It’s open to basically any writer in any genre without reference to publication history, but Patrick Swenson, the coordinator, has the details. Again:  Wait List!  Wait List!  Wait List!!

But, in News From Susan:  I have a story in a new anthology that may/may not be of interest.  If you read my story in the Baen anthology “Star Destroyers” you may have read my story, “Skipjack,” about Captain Belknap “Finnie” Fenroth and his intrepid crew.  One never expects to fall in love but I love Finnie Fenroth with a passion . . . so I’m delighted to be able to tell you that he is the protagonist of a prequel “Skipjack:  The Devil in the Details” in the Bryan Schmidt anthology “Infinite Stars II.”  (I’m beyond chuffed to be placed directly following George R. R. Martin in that volume, thank you Bryan!!.)  Since everybody dies (spoiler alert!) in the Baen anthology, everything is necessarily going to be a prequel.  But this has worked for me before ::cough Joslire Curran cough cough::.

(I took the opportunity to dedicate the lastest “Under Jurisdiction” novel, “Crimes Against Humanity,” to Finnie Fenroth:  “Fictional smictional, I love you, Captain.”  -And I do.)

Finnie Fenroth is not a player in my new “Ghost Flotilla:  U-Boats” series (first seen on the Baen web site as a free short story in, Ghost Flotilla:  Embarkation).  But my affection for him may be reflected in the characterization of some U-boat captain or another.  I just can’t tell you yet which of them because I don’t know.

So, at the Rainforest Writers Retreat this weekend, I’ll be working on (a) an outline for the series “Ghost Flotilla: U-Boats;” for the next and I always expect them to be the last with the publication of “Blood Enemies” “Under Jurisdiction” novel, “Diaspora”; and for a brand-new (you should pardon the possibly pertinent description) historical fantasy series with Forest Path Press, “The High Pamir.”  You can look for the novel “The Wild High Places” in the historical fantasy series by the end of the year.  Probably.

I’ll keep you posted.  Thank you for following/reading!



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