New “Skipjack” story coming in November

Non-Jurisdiction writing news:

It was a story for a Baen anthology called “Star Destroyers” that really set me off on U-boats (in a good way). That story had kind of a cataclysmic ending, but that’s never stopped me from playing in the fields of the back-story before, though knowing the ultimate ending can interfere with a person’s willingness to engage with the text.

When I was offered the opportunity to submit a story to a new anthology, I had my chance to start building the backstory for my “Skipjack” narrative. I was lucky enough to be accepted, and into a community of contributors the likes of which I haven’t had the skwee-ing privilege of being associated since Janis Ian’s “Stars.”

I loved the story “Skipjack.” I find I love the story “The Devil and the Details” even more.  (Is that okay to say about something one has written?  Gosh knows I have plenty of ego already, but there are probably limits.)

The anthology, “Infinite Stars: Dark Frontiers,” will be released in November. Meantime, here are some links so everybody can go out and (a) pre-order it or (b) ask their library to pre-order it just as soon as ever they can.

First:  at, Kindle and hardcover, due to drop on November 9th 2019:

Next, the write-up at Barnes & Noble:

Okay, I hope these links come through, and, if you read the story when it comes out, I hope you enjoy “The Devil and the Details.”  I’m still working on the plot skeleton for my “Ghost Flotilla” novel/series about U-boats unmoored in space and time, but it’s coming right along.  I’ll post when I have news.

And, last but not least (you’re almost to the end of this post!  Whew!) I have a new idea in my mind for a Jurisdiction novel that would follow “Crimes Against Humanity.”  It’ll be called something like “Weft Made Warp” but not as obscure as that title might be, and focuses to a significant extent on Garrity and Miss Crowned.

See you at Bubonicon, if you’re going to be at Bubonicon, because I am (grin)!

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