Completed loading “extras” for Blood Enemies, Crimes Against Humanity

It takes 95% of the effort to finish the final 5% of any given project, right?  Or at least that’s what happened this time.

But I’ve loaded the final “extras” for Blood Enemies:  the alternate Chapter One (with that crucial initial contact between Leo Koscuisko and Gonebeyond Space, and the “Robert arrives in Safehaven to see Andrej Koscuisko” scene from Robert’s POV); a scene-and-a-half called “Family Matters,” from the end of the novel, that includes a conversation between Andrej and his brother with one of my favorite lines; and one of those scenes that seems like it had to have happened so it needed a resolution, but it didn’t quite fit in to the novel once I got to the end of it.

Now that I’ve got my extras loaded for those novels I hope you enjoy reading them!



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