Bubonicon 2019, a week from now!

I’m coming to Bubonicon in Albuquerque next weekend, August 23 – 25.  I have a reading/presentation slot early Saturday afternoon and intend on talking about how Medith Riggs came into the story, maybe read the “Into Gonebeyond” short story from the Baen web site, maybe read other related short pieces, using the material I prepared for the “extras” between the novel pages for “Blood Enemies” and that for “Crimes Against Humanity.”  Maybe talk about the next Jurisdiction novel “Diaspora,” which will involve one of the Bonds from =Scylla= and a refugee community with some people who look a LOT like Jennet ap Rhiannon (but it that doesn’t mean anything to Toska until some of the wolf-pack turn up, because he’s never met her).

There’s no contract for that novel at this time, partially because I haven’t, er, written it yet . . .

I’m looking forward to being there in Albuquerque for Bubonicon and singing my song (er, pitching my pitch).  Hope to maybe see some of you-all there!

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