“Blood Enemies” eARC available! Eeeee!

That’s “electronic advance reading copy.”  That means the final typo run isn’t reflected in the novel, but otherwise, it is the Real Deal.

Here is a buy-link:  http://www.baen.com/blood-enemies-earc.html

I’m so excited!!

(Print release date is April 7th, twenty years after the publication of my debut novel “An Exchange of Hostages.”  And you can catch up on the entire series with Baen’s two omnibus editions of the six preceding novels.)

In honor of the release of the eARC I’ve updated the first chapter posted on the novel’s page here on this web site.  It’s got some rough stuff (sorry) but there’s Robert come to see Andrej for the first time since they got to Gonebeyond, something about Stildyne that Robert didn’t know, and other goodies.  I hope you enjoy it, because this is as peaceful and quiet as it gets for the rest of this novel.


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  1. Zafar

    Hi Susan – I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I’m the fan in Sydney who grew up in India and went to AES for a while! And to whom you were kind enough to send some backstory. (I think that is the term.). I am so thrilled that the next book is coming out – I’ve pre-ordered and plan on spending the next little while re-reading the series to date. All of which, just saying, I have from when they came out. Awesome!! All the best, Zafar

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