The Wild High Places

Jefferji Tamisen has lived a sheltered existence. Raised by a Rajput nobleman, he has devoted himself to the sacred dance of Sri Krsna, and is equally skilled at communicating both the Bridegroom and the divine Consort to his audience both public and private, a living, breathing threshold through which a devotee can reach to touch the hand of the beautiful god.

But Jefferji’s English heritage has finally caught him up. He is forced to leave his childhood home. Both escape and duty send him into the wild high places of the great Pamir plateau, where not only danger and bloodshed await, but also a refugee Circassian warlord who pulls Jefferji into another, far stranger dance. Its transcendent power will carry Jefferji closer to a fiercer god than he could have dreamed possible–if he manages to survive its passion.

In this lush, historical debut with a touch of magical realism, a young temple dancer devoted to Sri Krsna finds himself in the embrace of a god more fierce than he could have ever imagined, in the wild places of the high Pamir.

Think Kipling’s “Kim,” with kinks.


"A sweeping story of adventure, lushly written, intricately conceived, and meticulously imagined. Sure to appeal to Dorothy Dunnett fans and those who love tales of Victorian India."

—James P. Mallory, author of "The Merlin Trilogy" and "Crown of Vengeance"

"I’m sure I’ve heard Zarabeth’s name before, in some other context… perhaps I knew Jefferji in another life, or was also in a relationship with those sorts of spiritual energies. Regardless of when we met originally, I’m very glad to reacquaint myself with Tamisen’s incredible story of birth, rebirth, and all that goes between!"

—Janis Ian

"An intriguing protagonist, an exotic setting, and a clash of cultures combine to create a fascinating novel."

—India Edghill, author of "Queenmaker" and "Game of Queens"