Selected Bibliography

Novels under Jurisdiction (in series-chronological order)

An Exchange of Hostages Avon Nova 1997

Prisoner of Conscience Avon Eos 1998

Angel of Destruction Roc 2001

Hour of Judgment Avon Eos 1999

The Devil and Deep Space Roc 2002

Warring States Meisha Merlin 2006

Blood Enemies TBD

Other novels

Avalanche Soldier HarperCollins 1999

Colony Fleet Harper Voyager 2000

Short fiction – under Jurisdiction (in chronological order)


From the Scylla years

New Voices in Science Fiction, Tekno Books, 2003

Jurisdiction (novella)

Between Scylla and Ragnarok

Chapbook for FOGCon 3, self-published, 2013

Die Umkehr

early days on the Ragnarok

Gaylaxicon 2006 sampler, Don Sakers editor, 2006

Night Breezes

After “Hour of Judgment” (background only)

Orycon 24 program book, 2002

Thumping the Weaver

Nurail in Gonebeyond (background only)

“Women Writing Science Fiction as Men,” Tekno Books 2003

Society’s Stepchild

Sarvaw social integration (background only)

Stars:  Stories based on Janis Ian’s Songs, Daw 2003

Ancillary Material

Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor

occasional novellas

Work in process:  Ghost Novel Ragnarok


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