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Orycon 36

I’ll be attending Orycon 36 this year, November 7 – 9.  Orycon has always been a friendly, accessible convention with a happy vibe all its own.  Look for me on programming this year!

Welcome To My New Website

angel-coverMy new website

It’s new, it’s improved, it’s stronger than dirt.

It’s been completely reorganized, to make it easier for you to find content you’re interested in.  Among the new features you’ll find the first chapters of the six Jurisdiction novels from those nice people at, so you have a chance to hear for yourself how effective Stefan Rudnicki’s narration is.  There are first (print) chapters for each of those books; some additional content I dredged up reviewing previous drafts of things; the novella Quid Pro Quo; and a character library.

I’ll be posting my current work-in-progress (a novella from the early months on Scylla) when it’s ready for public viewing.

Go ahead!  Click on a link!  Hear for yourself!  (grin)







Distinctly I remember

. . . it was in the bleak December, and each separate dying ember cast its shadow on the floor.  Well, not really, because I don’t have a fireplace.  What I do have is a whole lot of development work on this website — Jeremy Tolbert at Clockpunk Studios is my design master, but I have a whole lot of content I need to load!

What do we want? New web site content!

When do we want it?  Now!

There’s content loaded in “Other” that hasn’t seen the light of day until now — it’s Cousin Stanoczk Presents Pizza and Beer Theater.  You might also want to check out Ask Cousin Stanoczk, if there’s something that’s been perplexing you about this whole Malcontent thing.  Or any thing.  Just bear in mind who you’re asking, because he’s not always entirely serious.

Website replacement in progress

This web site replaces  If anybody is missing any material they used to love on my original web site, please let me know.  Heck, please let me know what you’re missing from THIS web site!